Mirreya - Grey SQD26

Following the succes of her debut single “Angel Of Vengeance”, Mirreya, the fragile girl with a hauntingly charismatic voice, is back with a brand new song, “Grey”. Unlike her debut that was a somber futuristic lullaby, “Grey” is an explosive dark pop track with a powerful bass line and crispy analogue synths topped with Mirreya’s unmistakable vocals delivering a dystopian tale about being lost in a world of grey.

1. Grey (Single Version)
2. Grey (Sellorekt/LA Dreams Remix)
3. Grey (X-Marks The Pedwalk Remix)
4. Grey (Profondo Delle Tenebre Remix)
5. Grey (HΔZY SHΔTTERS Remix)
6. Grey (Instrumental Version)

Release date: April 15, 2016