Diversant:13 - Ode To Inhumanity SQD34

Diversant:13 (now branded as DIVRSNT13) keeps on surprising the fans by moving beyond the expectations set by the previous works. With every new release, the band led by ARCHR (aka Arsenio Archer, the multitalented music producer known for Cold In May, Tribal A.D. Martian Love and many other projects) strays further away from the dark electro standarts, exploring new genre territories.

The new album, “Ode To Inhumanity”, reimagines the electro-industrial legacy of Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy and the like, yet retaining the trademark DIVRSNT13 sound that sets the band apart from the rest in the scene.

1. Comatose
2. Testimonial
3. Celluloid
4. Human Recoil
5. Man Made God
6. Kill Progress
7. Power Elite
8. Kontrol
9. Inhale
10. Exodus

Release date: October 24, 2016