Requiem4FM - Rain Factory SQD38

The Russian Moscow-based one-man project Requiem4FM returns with a new EP "Rain Factory"! It marks the end of a 3-year silence after the project's acclaimed third album "Epik", released in 2015 and praised as Requiem4FM's most diverse and mature record to date, ranging from danceable synthpop tunes to brooding electro-rock hymns.

The EP's title track, "Rain Factory", was one of the highlights on the latest album and it is no wonder that this song has been chosen for a separate release. In addition to the new version of the title track and its diverse remix treatments by Eonic (lounge rock), Monowaves (synthwave) and Real Dreamers (analogue electropop), the new release includes two more tracks. One of them is "Lluvia Del Ayer", an uptempo synthpop track with the lyrics written by a well-known Mexican musician, Alejandro Marin (aka Alex Nórdika). The track features the guest vocals by Raúl Muñoz-Torrero (Insight, Telekon). The other one is a rather unconventional cover version of "Black Winter Day", a song originally performed by the Finnish metal legends Amorphis.

1. Rain Factory (Single Version)
2. Lluvia Del Ayer (Feat. Insight)
3. Black Winter Day (Amorphis Cover)
4. Rain Factory (Eonic Remix)
5. Rain Factory (Monowaves Remix)
6. Rain Factory (Real Dreamers Remix)

Release date: March 2, 2018