Requiem4FM - Torn In Two SQD42

"Torn In Two" is a compilation by Russian synthpop project Requiem4FM featuring a collection of remastered tracks that showcase the band's first two critically acclaimed albums, kRASH! (2006) and Novocaine (2009). It also includes several rare and unreleased tracks and remixes. The compilation delivers a fine selection of catchy synthpop tunes fused with trance and rock elements providing a perfect flashback into the band's history.

1. Info.void
2. De:light
3. reBuild Me
4. Torn In Two
5. The Trap
6. NWO (feat. Golden Apes)
7. kRASH!
8. After 11
9. Send The Devil (feat. Theodor Bastard)
10. StrangeiDea (feat. Antisisters)
11. Night In A Coma
12. Acid Rain
13. Torn In Two (Pixel Disco Remix)
14. The Trap (Black Sambuca Mix)
15. reBuild Me (Moscow Time Mix)
16. Torn In Two (N-616 Remix)
17. De:light (Purple Fog Side Remix)

Release date: June 22, 2018