Unity One - Awakening (The Instrumentals) SQD43

Prepare to wake up from your summer sleep and experience Unity One's "Awakening" once again, but this time from a totally different perspective as you listen through 10 instrumental versions, all specifically remixed to highlight the band's distinctive blend of soaring melodies and intrinsic arrangements.

Unity One's debut album "Awakening" is a solid, mature work, both production- and soundwise. Drawing inspiration from synthpop, EBM, futurepop and modern club music, the band have managed to create their own vision of danceable euphoric electro music. After its release in April, the album has become widely recognized as one of the biggest highlights of 2018 in the scene.

1. Join The Light (Instrumental)
2. Infrared (Instrumental)
3. Today (Instrumental)
4. Leave Me Confined (Instrumental)
5. Tomorrow (Instrumental)
6. Reflection (Instrumental)
7. Reality (Instrumental)
8. Timeless Dream (Instrumental)
9. Bring The Storm (Instrumental)
10. Awakening (Instrumental)

Release date: August 10, 2018