Diversant:13 - Villain Royale SQD44

Diversant:13 (aka DIVRSNT13) is one of those industrial projects that never stop evolving and experimenting. With every new release, the band led by ARCHR (aka Ars Nikonov, the multitalented music producer known for Cold In May, Fury Weekend, Tribal A.D. and numerous other projects) keeps on moving beyond the genre limits set by the previous works.

The new EP, "Villain Royale", is no exception. This 5-track bass-heavy industrial monster skillfully blends together the electro-industrial sound of "Ode To Inhumanity", DIVRSNT13's latest album, with the crunchy modern midtempo bass music, providing a perfect fuel for the dancefloor.

1. Hype Machine
2. Riot Brigade
3. Villain Royale
4. Renegade of Dark
5. Hype Machine (Cutoff:Sky Remix)

Release date: August 24, 2018