Purple Fog Side - The Sky Ablaze SQD49

Purple Fog Side, one of Russia's oldest and well-renowned bands in the dark scene, is back with a new single, "The Sky Ablaze"!

The single marks the return of Nika Yakovleva, known for her finest vocal performance on the band’s albums from 2009 to 2014.

“The Sky Ablaze” includes the title track, featuring soaring post-rock guitars, gloomy darkwave synths and Nika’s fragile ethereal vocals, which seamlessly blends into “Burn”, a dark cyberpunk / electro tune created in collaboration with c0r3 c1ty, reminiscent of Purple Fog Side’s cyberpunk experiments released as the “h01e” compilation in 2017. In addition, the single also features a shorter radio version of the title track.

01. The Sky Ablaze
02. Burn (feat. c0r3 c1ty)
03. The Sky Ablaze (Radio Version)

Release date: May 31, 2019