Dark-o-matic - Make Me Blue SQD51

"Make Me Blue" is the second single by synthpop duo Dark-o-matic taken off their debut album coming later this year.

After the release of the first single, "Zugzwang", and another track, "Authentic?", on the "Neonautics 3" compilation, Dark-o-matic have become "a band to keep an eye on" for many fans with their distinctive blend of 80's synthwave / synthpop and modern goth / wave music.

The new single is sure to build further anticipation for the band's upcoming album. It features three tracks including the title track "Make Me Blue", a haunting piece of melancholic synthwave, as well as great remixes by Requiem4FM and Purple Fog Side.

01. Make Me Blue
02. Make Me Blue (Requiem4FM Remix)
03. Make Me Blue (Purple Fog Side Remix)

Release date: July 12, 2019