Purple Fog Side - The Sky Ablaze (Remixed) SQD52

"The Sky Ablaze" is the latest single from Purple Fog Side, one of Russia's well-renowned bands in the dark scene. Marking the band's return to a darker and deeper sound, the single has enjoyed a really warm reception from fans around the world.

This remix release takes the original song, a gloomy darkwave track with soaring shoegaze guitars and ethereal female vocals, and presents it from 5 stylistically distinct music perspectives: an upbeat new wave (N-616), a somber synthpop (Elektronnoe Oblako), a cyberpunk electro (c0r3 c1ty), a robotic synthwave (Monowaves), and an atmospheric electro-industrial (N0_TiTLE).

01. The Sky Ablaze (N-616 Remix)
02. The Sky Ablaze (Elektronnoe Oblako Remix)
03. The Sky Ablaze (c0r3 c1ty Remix)
04. The Sky Ablaze (Monowaves Remix)
05. The Sky Ablaze (N0_TiTLE Remix)

Release date: July 26, 2019