Stars Crusaders - Army Of Impostors SQD58

Newly signed to SkyQode, the Italian Stars Crusaders are ready to strike with a brand new single, "Army Of Impostors", due on November 8th.

Mixed and mastered by Nick of Absurd Minds, the title track perfectly combines elements of futurepop and EBM with futuristic sci-fi atmosphere.

In addition, the single features stylistically diverse remixes by Unity One, Esplosioni Controllate, Egoprisme and c0r3 c1ty, as well as a new version of "Convex Vision" from the band's debut album.

"Army Of Impostors" is the first single off the third album entitled M.A.T.E.R., due in 2020.

1. Army Of Impostors
2. Army Of Impostors (Unity One Remix)
3. Army Of Impostors (Esplosioni Controllate Remix)
4. Convex Vision (2019 Version)
5. Army Of Impostors (Egoprisme Version)
6. Army Of Impostors (c0r3 c1ty Remix)

Release date: November 8, 2019