Cold In May - Koma:Redux SQD62

Out on March 6th is "Koma:Redux" EP, a long-awaited new release from Cold In May after four years of silence.

Cold In May was formed in 2006 by the talented and versatile musician Ars Nikonov (aka Arsenio Archer), also known for his various other projects like Fury Weekend, Diversant:13, Martian Love, etc. With three highly acclaimed albums and smashing hits like "Halo of the Gone" that has raked over a million views on YouTube, Cold In May have won the hearts of fans across the world.

"Koma:Redux" is a present to all Cold In May fans who have kept supporting the band during their silent years. It not only marks the band's return from the coma, but also bridges the past and the present of Cold In May by featuring both new tracks and tracks that were originally written more than ten years ago, even before the debut album.

1. Portrait
2. Dress Me Into Black
3. Victim
4. Condemnation

Release date: March 6, 2020