Elezoria - Temporary SQD67

Out on June 5th is the single "Temporary" by Elezoria, a dark electronic project from Russia newly signed to SkyQode.

Elezoria was started by Dmitry Nordman in 2008. After several releases over the past few years, including the highly acclaimed debut album "Astray", the band has mastered its own kind of dark music by seamlessly blending darkwave and synth-goth influences with elements of synthpop and EBM. Coupled with somber lyrics and Dmitry's deep gloomy vocals, this creates darkly melancholic, yet hauntingly beautiful atmosphere that is sure to appeal to fans of bands like Diary Of Dreams, Diorama and the like.

In addition to the title track, the single features its instrumental version and a danceable remix by Expiring Time, as well as a special version of "Ceiling And Walls" from the debut album.

1. Temporary
2. Ceiling And Walls (Temporary Version)
3. Temporary (Expiring Time Remix)
4. Temporary (Instrumental Version)

Release date: June 5, 2020