Pegasus Asteroid - Mechanical Heart 2.0 SQD69

Out on July 17th is "Mechanical Heart 2.0", a revisited and expanded version of the debut EP by Russian synthpop / darkwave duo Pegasus Asteroid!

Pegasus Asteroid was started by Anastasia and Mikhail (who is also known as one of the founding members of the renowned Russian acts Stillife and Lesnikov-16) to express their love for synth music and all things sci-fi, B-movies, and supernatural. In 2014, they self-released their highly acclaimed debut EP "Mechanical Heart" and then next year signed with SkyQode to release their second EP "Fog" to much acclaim as well.

In addition to the original tracks, all remixed and remastered, the revisited "Mechanical Heart" features two new tracks and an alternative version of the title track, which turns it into almost a legit full-length album. Full of great synth melodies and unique retro sci-fi atmosphere sprinkled with elements of darkwave and post-punk, this release is sure to become a great discovery for all fans of synth music.

1. Malfunction
2. Distant Rock
3. Danger Zone Of Mortis
4. Prince Of Machines
5. Mechanical Heart
6. Planet
7. Everything Stands Still
8. Dee-Ex Twenty One
9. Mechanical Heart 3.0

Release date: July 17, 2020