Enhok - Gone SQD73

Out on November 27th is "Gone", a follow-up single by our exciting electronic / rock artist, Enhok!

Enhok was founded by Diego Gutierrez, a talented Venezuelan musician, singer and producer, currently based in Spain. Experimenting with rock and dark electronica, Diego creates a truly immersive music experience, as perfectly demonstrated by his debut single "Black Waters".

With "Gone", Enhok delivers another amazing song combining melodic synth lines, melancholic piano parts and distorted industrial synths. Together with Diego's emotional vocals and dark atmospheric lyrics, it makes for a truly captivating listen.

In addition to the title track, the single features two diverse remixes by Synthetische Lebensform and Requiem4FM.

1. Gone
2. Gone (Synthetische Lebensform Remix)
3. Gone (Requiem4FM Remix)

Release date: November 27, 2020