Antiflvx - Hilos SQD83

Out on May 28th is "Hilos" by Colombian coldwave / darkwave duo Antiflvx, their first release after signing with SkyQode in April.

Antiflvx was started in 2016 by Camilo Alfonso and Leonardo Jaime, who is also the founder and songwriter of the EBM project Resistor. They have released two full-length albums and shared the stage with artists such as Two Witches, Selofan, Minuit Machine, Hante and Void Vision, among others. Antiflvx has also appeared in the Netflix Series "Diablero Season 2" at the end of a chapter with the song "Against All Odds".

"Hilos", a brand new track taken off their upcoming third, as of yet untitled album, showcases the duo's signature melodic blend of coldwave and darkwave with emotional deep male vocals in English and Spanish. The single also features amazing remixes by two Russian bands - X-Bat (darkwave / synthpop) and Monowaves (synthwave).

1. Hilos
2. Hilos (X-Bat Remix)
3. Hilos (Monowaves Remix)

Release date: May 28, 2021