Invisible Devastation - Suicide March SQD84

Out on June 18th is "Suicide March", a brand new single by Russian harsh EBM band Invisible Devastation!

"Suicide March" is a follow-up to the previously released singles, "Prophecy" and "Chernoyarsk", taken off Invisible Devastation's upcoming second album. With its stomping beats, hard grooves and harsh vocals, this track is a perfect addition to any industrial club playlist! In addition, the release features a special mix of the band's hit track "Mother Of Heroin" from the debut album as well as a killer remix by Russian dark electro act Noise Resistance and the instrumental version of the title track.

Invisible Devastation was formed back in 2009 by two members of Mechanical Apfelsine, one of Russia's best synthpop bands. In 2015, they released their debut album "The 13th Apostle" which got a lot of positive feedback from fans and DJs worldwide. After releasing a follow-up EP in 2016, the duo went on a prolonged hiatus, only to return with new killer music in 2020.

1. Suicide March
2. Mother Of Heroin (Hammer Mix)
3. Suicide March (Noise Resistance Remix)
4. Suicide March (Instrumental)

Release date: June 18, 2021