Purple Fog Side & Elsehow - Shading A Life SQD85

Out on July 2 is "Shading A Life", another amazing single born from the collaboration between Russia's renowned darkwave / dream pop band Purple Fog Side and Elsehow, an art-pop project from Belgium. Together they create emotional music that tastefully blends dream pop with 80s new wave and synthpop influences.

The single also features a beautiful piano version of the title track and its instrumental version, as well as a haunting remix of the previous single "To The Moon And Back" by Russian electronic project N0_TiTLE.

1. Shading A Life
2. To The Moon And Back (N0_TiTLE Remix)
3. Shading A Life (Piano Version)
4. Shading A Life (Instrumental)

Release date: July 2, 2021