Nezhiletz - My Home SQD100

Out on April 28th is "My Home", a reissue of the debut four-track EP by Nezhiletz, a trip hop / witch house artist, who recently joined SkyQode.

Nezhiletz is a dark alter ego of Igor Zhukov, who is best known as the frontman of now defunct dark electro act Sleetgrout. With "My Home" he stepped away from the beaten sonic path and started exploring much darker territory of underground lo-fi trip hop and witch house. The tracks featured on this debut EP, while rather minimalist in approach, manage to deliver a gloomy, unsettling atmosphere of the other side, where the sun no longer shines.

The reissue of "My Home" brings it back to all major digital stores and gives everyone a chance to rediscover this talented artist and start anticipating his upcoming releases due this year.

1. Especially Beautiful
2. I Didn't Even Exist
3. Walk
4. My Home

Release date: April 28, 2022