Invisible Devastation - Jerusalem Syndrome SQD101

Out on May 6th is "Jerusalem Syndrome", the second album by harsh EBM band Invisible Devastation!

"Jerusalem Syndrome" is a long awaited follow-up to Invisible Devastation's debut album "The 13th Apostle", released way back in 2015. The new album consists of 9 tracks including the latest singles "Suicide March", "Prophecy" and "Chernoyarsk" that already got a lot of positive reaction from fans and DJs alike. Sound-wise, the album blends the band's distinctive harsh EBM with various elements modern electronic music ranging from electro to breakbeat. Filled with stomping beats, hard grooves and harsh vocals, "Jerusalem Syndrome" is a perfect addition to any industrial club playlist.

The CD version comes in a slick 6-panel digipak with lyrics and features reworked versions of "The Devil", "I am Bastard", and "Legacy" from the debut album as bonus tracks

1. Intro
2. Mama, We're Going to Dachau
3. Chernoyarsk
4. Suicide March
5. Syndrome
6. Prophecy
7. Astralopithecus
8. Grey and Black
9. I Hate

Release date: May 6, 2022