Cold In May - Written in Cold SQD103

Out on May 27th is "Written in Cold", a long-awaited new album from Cold In May.

Cold In May was formed in 2006 by the talented and versatile musician Ars Nikonov, also known for his various other projects like Fury Weekend, Diversant:13, Nitroverts, etc. With three highly acclaimed albums and smashing hits like "Halo of the Gone" that has raked over a million views on YouTube, Cold In May have won the hearts of many fans across the world.

Featuring songs from the two previous EPs released during the lockdown alongside with several brand new tracks, "Written in Cold" is sure to become another fan favorite as it retains all that trademark feel and sound that make Cold In May stand out in the dark scene.

The CD version comes in a slick 6-panel digipak with lyrics and features acoustic versions of "Portrait" and "Condemnation".

1. Portrait
2. Dress Me into Black
3. Victim
4. Contagious
5. Inside Your Head
6. Leave in Silence
7. Don't Go Away
8. Memory Ghosts
9. Condemnation
10. Letter to Myself

Release date: May 27, 2022