Ginger Snap5 - Snapped By You SQD05

“Snapped By You” crowns a long period of meticulous work by Ginger Snap5 and rewards the listener with a fascinating, instantly recognizable blend of industrial, trance and pop music along with very deep and personal lyrics. Hard-hitting floor fillers Polaris and Feel The Rhythm, catchy pop tunes Ginger Girl and Wrong, and epic atmospheric tones in Sail Away! and My Ocean; this album will leave no one indifferent!

1. Polaris
2. Ginger Girl
3. Break Me Down
4. Shadow gHost
5. Feel My Rhythm
6. Wrong
7. Valentine Card
8. Sail Away!
9. My Ocean
10. Waiting For...
11. Trauma Mansion (Feat. Cold In May)
12. the Seed (anifestum) (CD only)
13. Slow Snow (CD only)

Release date: September 25, 2013