VA - Neonautics v.01 SQD13

“Neonautics” is a brand new compilation series bringing together established and new artists in the electropop/synthpop scene. This inaugural compilation features a carefully hand-picked selection of new, rare, and exclusive tracks, sure to appeal to all fans of electro and synthpop. Full of ear-catching melodies and great vocals, this compilation will bathe your autumn in a neon glow!

1. Electro Spectre - Your Love Is A Criminal (Radio Version)
2. Elace - We'll Meet Again (Single Version)
3. Candide - Du Bränner Mig
4. Mechanical Apfelsine - Back In Time
5. Sad January - Twilight Zone
6. The Shade - Maximize (Single Version)
7. Syrian - Fire In Your Eyes (64 Rockets Remix)
8. Unity One - Tomorrow (MWMix)
9. Dead Man Recovering - I Need Your Love
10. Aeon Rings - Time To Run
11. EKAM SAT - Without You
12. WANT/ed - (You) Won't Regret (Pop Version) (Feat. Holger Müller)
13. Kiss The Panther - Your Voice (Radio Edit)
14. Suffocating Minds - Far Away
15. Supercraft - For Just One Second
16. Mental Discipline - Pray For Me (Feat. !Distain) (People Theatre's Candle Mix)

Release date: October 27, 2014