Diversant:13 - New World Disorder SQD14

As already demonstrated by the successful single “Equinox”, the new Diversant:13 keeps evolving further away from the everyday standards of the dark electro scene by bringing in a crossover of distorted guitar riffs and heavy bass grooves topped with a powerful vocal performance, turning their sound into a devastating industrial Molotov cocktail. At the same time they don’t forget to infuse this cocktail with loads of synth-driven melodies, creating tracks that will surely blow the minds while melting the hearts of old and new fans alike.

1. Equinox
2. Borderlands
3. Leave The Hope Alone
4. Icarus
5. Spit The Fire Out
6. Here Comes The Storm
7. Bleeding Sun
8. Better Be Dead
9. Reborn
10. New World (Feat. Omnimar)
11. Frontlines (CD only)
12. Spit The Fire Out (Cygnosic Remix)
13. Equinox (Apocalyptic Mix by Nitro/Noise) (CD only)
14. Bleeding Sun (Cutoff:Sky Remix) (CD only)
15. Better Be Dead (Zombie-Synth Mix by Freaky Mind)

Release date: November 28, 2014