Requiem4FM - Epik SQD17

Formed in 2003, Requiem4FM quickly gained local attention with their catchy blend of synthpop, techno and rock elements. After releasing two critically acclaimed albums, "kRASH!" (2006) and "Novocaine" (2009), the band went on a prolonged hiatus.

The new album does not only mark Requiem4FM's first full-length release in six years, but also demonstrates the band's impressive growth, both production- and sound-wise.

"Epik" is undoubtedly the band's most diverse and mature record to date, ranging from danceable synthpop tunes to brooding electrorock hymns and featuring exciting collaborations with Roman Ryabtsev (of the Russian synthpop legends Technology), Xavier Morales (of the American futurepop band Ruined Conflict) and the Swedish singer Tess Fries!

1. Intravenous
2. Once And 4 All
3. Minutes Of Madness
4. Rain Factory (Feat. Roman Ryabtsev)
5.Terminal State Of Mind
6. Looney Tune
7. Depart
8. You Coloured My Dreams (Feat. Tess)
9. The Screens
10. Last Rays Of Sanity
11. Epik (Feat. Ruined Conflict)
12. Last Train To Jericho
13. Gaia (Tiamat Cover) (CD only)

Release date: August 1, 2015