VA - Neonautics v.02 SQD24

“Neonautics” is our special compilation series devoted to highlighting exciting electropop/synthpop artists from all over the world. Following the success of the first volume released in 2014, this CD features a fine selection of new, rare, and exclusive music, ranging from 80s-inspired electropop to modern synthpop. Over 70 minutes in length, this compilation is sure to color your winter with neon lights!

1. Insight – A Long Time
2. Glass Apple Bonzai – With The Mind Of A Liar (Extended)
3. Electro Spectre – River (Radio Version)
4. Sad January – Your Design
5. Analog – Melodies From Memory
6. Pasadena Night – Beauty Of Night
7. Mechanical Apfelsine – I Remember
8. Bradley – Tonight
9. Dreamfix – Deliver Me
10. Etage Neun – Cry Out In The Rain
11. Daniel – To Dare (People Theatre’s Audace Remix)
12. Pegasus Asteroid – Genies
13. Lost Controllers – Your World
14. Sound Agency – One Life (Radio Version)
15. Nordika – Fly (Feat. Henrik Iversen) (Purple Fog Side’s Neonautics Remix)
16. Vaylon – Empty Streets (Personal Space Remix)

Release date: January 29, 2016