Synapsyche - The Abyss Effect SQD28

Synapsyche are ready to deliver a clear contender for dark electro / harsh EBM album of the year titled “The Abyss Effect”. Loaded with stomping beats, heavy grooves, and vicious melodies, this album will make you beg for more! But remember, if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.

2.We All Suck
4.The Flesh Party
5.Backup Of An Empty Folder
6.Hate And Psyche
7.Self-Worship Doctrine
8.Angel On Vicodin
9.In Apocalypse We Trust
10.Trauma In Mi Minore
11.Tabula Rasa
12. Lift Me Up (Moby Cover) (CD only)

Release date: May 13, 2016