Out on December 6th is "Tyranny", the long-awaited new album by the US-based EBM / futurepop act UNITCODE:MACHINE!

Blending elements of EBM with industrial, synthpop, and many other styles, "Tyranny" continues with all the trademarks established by UNITCODE:MACHINE on previous albums, but set them at a higher level, both sound- and production-wise.

With varied sounding tracks and thoughtful lyrics, the new album is destined to become a new favorite among fans of Imperative Reaction, Absurd Minds, Decoded Feedback and the like.

The limited CD version comes as a slick 6-panel digipak with lyrics and includes remixes by Seeming, Provision, Blue Images, and c0r3 c1ty.

1. Intro (Indifference)
2. Instinct
3. Before The Darkness (Feat. Blue Images)
4. Paper Empires
5. Instigator
6. Damnatio Memoriae
7. This Truth
8. Survive
9. Rust
10. Tyranny (Feat. Antonym)
11. Madness (Feat. Databomb)
12. Outro (Reality)
13. Damnatio Memoriae (Seeming Remix)*
14. This Truth (Brighter Future Mix by Provision)*
15. Damnatio Memoriae (Blue Images Remix)*
16. This Truth (c0r3 c1ty Remix)*
* CD bonus

Release date: December 6, 2019