Enhok - Embryogenesis SQD91

Out on October 22nd is "Embryogenesis", a new EP release by exciting dark electronic artist, Enhok!

The digital version of "Embryogenesis" consists of six tracks including the previously released singles that have received a lot of positive feedback from fans worldwide. The whole EP is a perfect demonstration of Enhok's talent to create a truly diverse and immersive music experience by fusing elements of rock and dark electronica.

The CD version, limited to only 150 copies, comes in a slick 6-panel digipak with lyrics. It also features five amazing remixes by Elezoria, Last Activity, Purple Fog Side, Requiem4FM and Synthetische Lebensform.

Enhok was founded by Diego Gutierrez, a talented Venezuelan musician, singer and sound producer, currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

1. Black Waters
2. Gone
3. The Night
4. Waiting For You To Die
5. Rise
6. Death Upon My Shoulders

Release date: October 22, 2021